Rail and Sail Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding our great Dutchflyer Rail & Sail product

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Q: What is the Dutchflyer?
A: A product that combines a Stena Line ferry crossing and a train ticket from the UK to Holland thanks to a partnership between Stena Line and Greater Anglia Rail.

Q: How does it work?
A: The Dutchflyer provides rail travel from any Greater Anglia station and a ferry crossing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland.

Q: How long is the sailing?
A: Approximately 6.5 hours with the option of travelling day or overnight.

Q: How do I buy tickets?
A: Dutchflyer tickets can be booked online through the Stena Line website here, at London Liverpool St. Station ticket office, or by calling 03443 350027 (UK only). We recommend international customers book online.

Q: Do you accept international credit cards?
A: Yes. If you are using a card from the US and experience any problems completing payment, please call our USA Toll Free Number: 1-866-261-0359 (08:00-22:00 CET).

Q: Do I have to print out my e-ticket?
A: Yes, please make sure you print a copy of the itinerary / e-ticket before the start of your journey. This will be accepted as a valid travel document for your rail journey on Greater Anglia rail services in the UK and for your ferry crossing. 

Q: Where can I catch the train from/to in the UK?
A: Any station that is part of the Greater Anglia network.

Q: Where can I catch the train to/from in the Netherlands?
A: Directly in front of the terminal you'll find the RET Metro line to Schiedam Centrum. Once in Schiedam Centrum, interchange to the train service for travel to any station within the NS network. Please note that travel on the RET Metro line or the NS Network is not included as part of the Dutchflyer ticket.

Q: What is meant by an ‘open rail ticket’?
A: This simply means that you can use it on any Greater Anglia service on the day you have purchased it - you are able to catch any train at any time.

Q: Can I catch any train to the port or only the one I selected in my booking?
A: The Dutchflyer rail ticket is an open ticket which means you can use it on any Greater Anglia service on your ferry travel date - you are able to catch any train at any time.

Q: How do I book the Dutchflyer starting in the Netherlands?
A: Simply visit our Dutch site at and go through the booking process.

Q: Do I have to book a cabin on overnight sailings?
A: Yes, cabins are compulsory on overnight sailings.

Q: Do I have to book a cabin on day sailings?
A: No, although cabins are half price on day sailings and can be a good option to relax.

Q: How much luggage can I take?
A: As much as you can carry. We do not have a luggage limit although we do recommend keeping luggage to a manageable amount as you will be getting on and off trains during your journey.

Q: Can I take my pet with me?
A: Yes, but please be aware of the requirements for travelling with pets to Europe. Simply add the number of pets that are travelling with you in the booking dialogue. Pets travel free on Greater Anglia trains (London to Harwich).

Q: Can I take a bicycle with me?
A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to include bicycles as part of our Rail & Sail Dutchflyer Ticket. If you wish to travel with your bicycle, all rail travel must be booked directly on the railway carrier websites. For all information, please visit Greater Anglia to book the UK leg of your journey. Onward travel in the Netherlands can be booked via NS Railways or RET (Rotterdam Public Transport). You can book your bicycle on our ferries but this has to be done separately as a foot passenger and not as part of our Rail & Sail package.

Q: Can I change my Dutchflyer booking?
A: Provided the origin station remains the same, changes to tickets can be made at least 14 days in advance of the outward travel date, upon payment of a £10 administration fee plus any increase in fare between the cost of the original journey and your amended travel dates. No refund will be made if an amendment results in a price decrease.

Q: What if I want to extend my holiday?
A: You can extend your holiday by calling us on (+44 (0) 3447 70 70 70). You will be required to pay an amendment fee of £10.00 per change plus any difference in the fare.

Q: What if I need to cancel my booking?
A: There is no refund value on any 'Dutchflyer' product, but in the event of the cancellation of the service on which the reservation has been made, you will have the option of a full refund (as set out in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage).